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A City of Hamburg, Germany - Hotels and History

Hamburg is the largest port in Germany and the second largest city after the capital Berlin. The city is beautifully situated on the North Sea, right where the Elbe flows into marine waters. From the center of Hamburg, near the mouth of the Elbe is 110 km away. It is important to note that Hamburg ranks third among the largest ports on the continent, immediately after Rotterdam and Antwerp. The city is the capital of the eponymous adminostrativna German state, and with its population of nearly 2 million people, it is considered to be Europe's largest city, which is not the capital of their country of 755 km2.

This metropolis in Germany is cut by numerous currents of rivers and canals, which were built over 2,500 bridges purposes. By number of bridges Hamburg surpasses even beautiful Venice, which is prominent in this regard. Even Amsterdam and London have fewer bridges, making Hamburg champion and puts his crown on the European city with the most bridges. Perhaps historically Hamburg marks its peak in the 17th century, when it became the largest German city. The trend of increase in the population of Hamburg today is positive, it is foreseen in the next ten years the number to exceed 2 million people.

The story begins in Hamburg 4 c.. H.E when the first settlers arrived here. In 810 years Charlemagne built a church whose goal is to baptize pagan north. A year later, the fortress was built Hamaburg whose main purpose is to protect both churches and the local population. In 831 Louis the Pious established in Hamburg diocese, which soon after became a archbishopric. Hamburg is occupied by the Vikings in 845 and in 915, the good cheer

In the 14th century Hamburg enter into trade "agreement" Hansa, a here in 1558 opened one of the first German commercial exchanges. Hamburg remains one of the most important commercial centers of Northern Germany and after the collapse of Hansa and during the Enlightenment and industrialization he continues to progress. Thanks to the Hamburg trade marks blooms in economic terms and in the 20th century. At that time, "Hamburg - America" ??became the largest transatlantic shipping company. The city fire control panels and other shipping companies, with services to South America, Africa, India and East Asia.

Tourism tour of Hamburg is quite long. Hardly will you reach day, even two, to visit all the beautiful places in the city, numerous lakes, incredible views of the harbor and see interesting modern and historic buildings. One of the interesting places in the city is Sao Paulo (St. Pauli), which is the central street in the red light district.

Be sure to walk around and Reperban (Reeperbahn), which can be defined as "the sweetest miles of the world." This street is number one in Hamburg with regard to entertainment and amenities. Crowded by people during the day, at night it is illuminated by numerous advertising screens and glowing neon lights, among which continue to flock to hundreds, even thousands of people in search of exciting nightlife. There are dozens Halls seksshopove, not missing even the service offered by many "prostitutes."

Port of Hamburg
Among the cultural attractions of Hamburg can be differentiated six Gullit who dominate the panorama of the city - on five main churches and the sixth of City Hall. The Church of St. Michael, or "Michel" as it is known in Hamburg, is the emblem of the city. Another remarkable temple is the church "St. Nikolai ", which was destroyed during the Second World War. Today it does not perform services as it is the memorial to the war. With 147 3 m., It was the tallest building in the world in the period 1874-1877, the

With its 279 eight meters tall television tower in Hamburg - Heinrich Hertz, also becomes the tallest building in the city. In Hamburg, there are nearly 50 museums. The most famous of them pean Hamburg Historical Museum, which holds the largest collection of objects related to urban history in Germany. Quite interesting is the Museum of Arts and Crafts, which is one of the leading museums of fine arts in the world. In Hamburg also has a museum of spices located in Speicherstadt. Tourist tour other museums in Hamburg goes into extremes - from Kontsenratsionniyat camp Noyengame a museum of erotic art.