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Holiday in Tyrol

When planning a winter vacation Austria logically falls in the top 3 list of our personal preferences. It is unfortunate, however, that very rarely in the summer, our attention is directed in this direction.
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Because Austria offers very energizing summer vacation - with magnificent nature, purity and uredenost, cultural attractions, the possibility of active tourism and high quality services. Major tourist attraction and traditional are the Alps in the face of the provinces of Tyrol, Carinthia and Vorarlberg and Innsbruck is the provincial capital of Tyrol and the fifth largest city in Austria, situated close to both the Munich and to northern Italy.
This picturesque old town is a mix of idyllic mountain scenery and modern facilities, which attracts visitors throughout the year. As a resort and Student Innsbruck has over 200 restaurants and cafes, offering everything - from traditional Tyrolean specialties to exotic international cuisine, with numerous bars and clubs.
There are numerous accommodation - from hotels to lodges in the area but one of the most lucrative opportunities to hire any of the lodgings that are available for rent.
This example is furnished accommodations for two with stunning views and views over the city, which costs only 300 euros for a month.
After the morning wake up here with a view of the sunlit Alpine peaks, it will be expected to walk in the mountains, delicious lunch in one of the small restaurants around or getting acquainted with the sights of the area. All this it can visit with a reduction to snadbite with innsbruck card.
Innsbruck is the rich historical and cultural attractions the village of Austria. In the 13th century the town was vibrant and important commercial center. Its heyday was in 1420, when he was proclaimed the capital of Tyrol and its beauty and pristine nature even captured the Emperor Maximilian. He moved his court here and his order was built emblem of the city - Golden roof, Late Gothic terrace covered with gilded copper tiles 2657. Many old buildings from the Middle Ages and the following centuries are preserved here today.
Most zabelezhitelnna of them is situated in the hills Ambras Castle, built on an old fortress of 10 in. In 1563-1595, the Palace was the residence of Ferdinand II, who began to collect unique objects of art and still alive built lower part fashionable Museum. Today the building houses a museum of the Habsburg dynasty, and in August is held here magnetic Renaissance professions that carries you like a time machine to another world.
Just a few kilometers from Innsbruck, in Wattens, is located the Museum of Swarovski crystals - a fantastic realm of crystals, illuminating the underground cave.
And more and more ... impressions, experiences pleasure and active recreation. Still not too late to plan a different summer vacation in the capital of Tyrol.